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Faith Based Clothing

ITZ .A. MINDSET Faith-Based Apparel

One way we can express our closeness to God is by wearing faith-based clothing. Faith-based apparel from ITZ .A. MINDSET can even be conversation starters, allowing you to share your faith. For example, when people notice your HELLA BLESSED hoodie, your t-shirt that says, My God -VS-Everybody, or one that says, Dope By Grace, you can bet they'll comment.

Our unique faith-based apparel makes an impression. And so can you. Plus, who doesn't love a sweet go-to hoodie, all snuggly and soft? And, of course, our hoodies have a front pouch pocket. Faith-based apparel from ITZ .A. MINDSET is all about comfort. Not only comfortable faith-based clothing but also the comfort from having a voice. And comfort from your faith in a higher power.

Even though the world is full of challenges, faith based-clothing can keep you connected and mindful. Do you want to add faith-based apparel to your closet? We have unisex styles, so there's something for everyone.

ITZ .A. MINDSET has a goal to create a space to share testimonials of growth and healing. We want to build a community that will inspire others to walk in purpose. Creator, blogger and mindful change-agent Tamika Riley, founded ITZ .A. MINDSET in September 2018 after losing her mother. During that time, it was difficult to press forward. But feeling the peace that happens when you surrender to God's will helped her release the past and find purpose through Christ Jesus.

The journey of self-love to self-worth through daily mind renewal and the word of God ultimately inspired ITZ .A. MINDSET. You can join our community of mindful change-agents who believe in the power of self-healing prayer and growth through Christ. Encourage yourself and promote your faith with faith-based clothing from TZ .A. MINDSET.

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